Is Obama Care here to stay?

There have been questions about the Obamacare also known as Affordable Care Act. With the U.S. election time approaching, there are still reasons to say the Obamacare is here to stay. Although the health-care system has been termed as crazy, others believe it has worked.

Six years after its introduction, every American has access to affordable health care. So, is the Obama care here to stay?

Yes and this is why:

Gains in health coverage

The aim for Obamacare was to improve health insurance coverage regardless of the state. Many Americans from different states have recorded tremendous gains in health coverage. Whether you come from Michigan, Virginia, or New Jersey, you have a chance to get premium tax credits.

Unlike when health care was expensive, the Act has proved that health care is a right to every citizen. The number of individuals who are not insured as decreased as well. The Act has reduced the fear for medical bills.

Build competitive insurance

Like any another market, the health-care system is helping create a competitive insurance market. The increased competition has led to enhanced shielding of consumers from high medical bills.

It means citizens in states such as California can have several insurance options. Competitive insurance market allows most of the consumers to find a plan that suits them. The cost of insurance has reduced as well.

The approximation for the federal health spending should be around $700 billion by 2020. This is far from the approximation made in 2010.

Insurance companies account for abusive practices

The law gives women a right to get insurance just like any other citizen. The Act has so eliminated gender discrimination. Thus the law protects consumers from companies with abusive practices. The law has also provided hard-working families with stronger protections and consumer rights.

Bottom line

From the above illustrations, it is evident that the Obamacare system is here to stay. Even though others are working to undermine the law, the gains outweigh the criticism.  Through the system, there are some citizens who have had access to healthcare for the first time.

From young families to small business owners, healthcare is no longer a problem. But it is unfortunate that some expect the Affordable Care Act to stop after 2017, but it is here to stay. Instead, some states have proposed a few amendments to make it work even better.

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